Mitsuru Yorkshire Karate train on a Monday and Wednesday evening at MY Fitness and Martial Arts in Tadcaster.

We believe we offer a quality of instruction that is second to none and without the premium of some franchise clubs. Our instruction comes from experience, not from undergoing ‘instructor training programmes’, we have learned the hard way in terms of what works and what doesn’t. Training with world class instructors and competitors on a regular basis and testing ourselves against the best. We don’t claim to know everything but we will give you everything to make you the best you can be!


The class times are

5.30pm-6pm For beginners age 4 to 10 and families with younger children

6pm-7pm For graded students (8th Kyu Yellow Belt and above) families and children 9 & under

6.45pm-8.15pm For children age 10 and over, teenagers and adults on both evenings.

We do offer flexibility for families wishing to train together.

The pricing structure depends on how many sessions per week with discounts for multiple members from the same family. Payment can be made each session or by standing order.


Grading’s (these include a Certificate and Belt)-

Grading’s will be held on a regular basis and are not included in the standing order. Students will be expected to reach the given standard prior to the grading. Please note that just because a student is sitting their grading this is not a guaranteed pass, should a student be unsuccessful for any reason then the next grading will be free. Please see the Mitsuru Syllabus for more information.

The fees for grading’s are

Red stripe up to and including Full Purple £20

Brown Belts £25

1st, 2nd or 3rd Dan £50

With Mitsuru grades are earned, never bought or given out. If you wear a belt with us then it is a sign that you have reached a given standard. Achieving any given grade does not make you indestructible, we work to develop awareness so as to avoid situations rather than respond to them.