Welcome to Mitsuru Yorkshire Karate, one of the few EKF affiliated clubs in the area.

GDPR (Data protection)

All information is stored on a secure database housed within the EU.
The basic information is held on all students, name, date of birth, address, email and contact number for parents where applicable.
This information is held purely for the running of the clubs and is not passed to any third parties for commercial purposes.

Any medical issues are discussed directly with Sean Smith and if there are any considered serious then a PARQ form will need to be completed, this will be stored securely and not held in digital format.

Information is regularly updated and any student who stops training is removed from the data base, paper records are destroyed securely.
Your Rights.You have rights as to which information the club holds.

Please consider what information you pass on to the club, if you don’t want information to be held then please don’t provide it.
From a child protection perspective, we require an emergency contact number. If this isn’t provided, then the club reserves the right to decline membership.

If any of your information changes then please complete a change of circumstances form at the table.

Each data subject has the right to access the information held, if anyone wants to see the information please contact the Data Protection officer who will comply with your request, this can be provided both digitally or can be viewed.

Safeguarding Policy and Codes of Conduct 









Below are links to the current syllabus as well as some useful documents. Also included are some links to other sites that you may find useful for your training.



Website links

MY Fitness and Martial Arts is a custom fit facility in Copley Enterprise Park, Tadcaster. With an interior designed to develop the skills needed for a number of martial arts, it also offers a specific Strength & Conditioning area. Offering both Adult and Youth S&C sessions and being equipment with the latest state of the art equipment, MY Fitness and Martial Arts has been designed to cater for all ability levels.


Sensei Holding is our Chief Instructor, he has been my instructor and close friend for over 20 years now. We represented our association together at a number of National and International events. Having held British titles more recently he has trained a number of British Champions.


Sensei Swain is the Yanagi Kai Chief Instructor, and it is under this banner that we compete. Himself a former member of the England and Great Britain Karate squad, he achieved a significant amount of success on the international stage.


Sensei Abernethy is an outstanding instructor and has become a renowned authority on the application of Kata. Having been fortunate enough to train with him on a number of occasions I look forward to inviting him to the club in the (hopefully not too distant) future. The links to his youtube page provide a valuable insight into the principles and concepts.


As an association we are a part of the EKF. This gives us access to World Karate Federation (WKF) and British Karate Federation (BKF) events. These events feature a high quality of competitor but also referees. Selection for some of these events is by attendance at squad training as well as performance in other ‘Open’ competitions.